PhantomDark’s Review of Undertale


PhantomDark’s Review of Undertale

PhantomDark’s Review of Undertale. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own!

Why I Hate Undertale

WARNING: If you try to stir up trouble anywhere else on my channel about this video, your comment will be removed and you will be blocked.

You wanted me to make a video about Undertale? Well, here you go.
This game might have taken the internet by storm, but I’m afraid to say that it does nothing for me, and I’m going to explain why.

If you love the game, then that’s great. I’m glad people can get something out of it, I’m not trying to change your mind about it. I just want to make it clear to everyone that Undertale is not for me at all.

Also, I feel like I need to remind everyone every time I make voice over videos that text will remain the standard form of commentary for my channel, so don’t worry.

And no, I haven’t played Deltarune and I don’t plan to.

Should Your Boyfriend Play Undertale?

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Well, it’s time for another indie review: Undertale! This is game is incredible.


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UNDERTALE: Is This Still Relevant…? [Normal Game Review]

three years after its peak, rika decides it’s a good idea to review undertale.
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Undertale – Sephirothsword57 Review

$10 wasted! I hope you like this video! I’m going to try my best and work harder on making videos from now on! Arigatou!

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SephirothSword57 is an entertainer, content creator writer, analyst, composer, game designer, Japanese enthusiast, and scholar of Japanese culture. You will find him reviewing and breaking down popular video games on his SephirothSword57 channel. He is an objective reviewer who cares about showing the viewer the truth. He is someone who isn’t clouded by nostalgia or other subjective forces. He also enjoys Japanese Manga and Anime which he sometimes also talks about. But he mostly focuses on video games and a lot of the time on bad western games made by incompetent game developers. These developers are only after a quick buck so it is up to SephirothSword57 (sometimes called Seph-sama) to bring them to justice for lying and forcing bad games onto ignorant and unaware gamers who haven’t played good Japanese games before. It’s very important for Seph-sama to show the true nature of these games so that people become more aware of the situation in the western video game industry. There aren’t any honest people left in the industry in the west aside from the indie game scene where some of them are still passionate about creating good games (100% of the time, these people are also influenced by superior Japanese game design). SephirothSword57 is someone you can trust, and would never sink so low as to give you false information. he cares about the west and there is a lot we can learn from Japanese culture. Westerners are way too rude and opinionated which will lead to dumb people saying and doing things they shouldn’t. This is not only a problem for the gaming industry but the west as a whole. We will only grow into better people by taking inspiration from the Japanese. This is SephirothSword57’s biggest goal.

Title: Undertale – Sephirothsword57 Review
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